THE ETIENNE SISTERS - 10.09.15-03.10.15

Posted: Aug, 10th 2015 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,

THE ETIENNE SISTERS by Chè Walker, with songs by Anoushka Lucas
Additional songs by Sheila Atim

‘I can’t believe my own sister would come with this thievery and anarchy to my door…’  

Tree and Ree Etienne are laying their mother to rest when an unwelcome arrival at the graveside intrudes on their grief. It’s Bo, their troublesome estranged half-sister.

To comfort her sisters Bo moves in for a while and things begin to look up. But can a leopard ever change her spots? Cracks appear as childhood memories, deep resentments and long put away dreams come to the fore. Tensions build before erupting in a confrontation during which harsh truths are said that cannot be unsaid. Will the sisters destroy all that is left of their family and each other?

This thought-provoking and honest new play is written by Chè Walker with songs by Anouskha Lucas (Klook’s Last Stand) and additional songs by Sheila Atim. Set to a contemporary soulful jazz soundtrack, The Etienne Sisters explores what it means to be part of a family today.


Times & Dates:

10-12 Sep, 15-16 Sep, 18-19 Sep,  22-26 Sep, 29-30 Sep, 01-03 Oct 

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14:00 | 16:00 | 20:00 

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