Selam LeEthiopia is offering specially designed Habesha Care Packages

Posted: May, 13th 2020 Contributor: Abenezer Kempente,

In these difficult times, Selam LeEthiopia is offering specially designed Habesha Care Packages, to be enjoyed by the whole family while spending together at home.

See the different available packages below. All prices are inclusive of delivery costs! Register today, as there are a limited amount of packages available.

Bundle 1- Muna & Abebe (Amharic children’s book) + Lovegrass Fusilli Teff Pasta -£10

Bundle 2- Muna & Abebe (Amharic children’s book) + Lovegrass Fusilli Teff Pasta + Abol Coffee-bags£16

Bundle 3- Teff Pasta + Abol Coffee-bags£13

Individual- Muna + Abebe - £6

Abol Coffee Co is a new brand with an innovative & convenient new product for coffee lovers; filtered coffee in a bag made from the finest Ethiopian beans. Indulgent and refined, Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo growing region has bright notes of vibrant lemon and juicy stone fruits. Fairtrade, 100% organic Sidamo beans, freshly roasted and ground, prepared in individual bags and sealed for lasting flavour.

Lovegrass offer a delicious, gluten free and nutritionally packed Fusilli pasta made from 100% Teff flour offering unparalleled nutritional benefits. Teff, is an annual grass, a species of lovegrass native to the Horn of Africa, notably what is today modern-day Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Muna & Abebe is a fun and adventurous children’s book about the extraordinary friendship between 10-year old Muna and the legendary Ethiopian athlete Abebe Bikila.

Market FiftyFour publishes books in African languages.

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