Posted: May, 20th 2016

Event taking place on Saturday 21st May ‘16 at 6pm

In Piassa, walk 50 metres on the same side as Cinema Empire towards Ras Mekonen Bridge



Buying local makes economic, social and environmental sense and as such so many people around the world have adopted this type of lifestyle actively. We, here in Ethiopia have and continue to see the benefits of this perceptive and so many consumers, at least in the major cities, have rightly jumped on the “Made in Ethiopia” bandwagon.


Yet, finding the right product while truly seeking to support the local economy has and continues to be a very difficult experience and at times discouraging for shoppers. And when you do find the product you have been searching for, finding a good selection to choose from is likely to be your next headache. Then, you are almost always faced with the concept of ‘export quality’. What does that mean? Is the Ethiopian consumer on a different division than the rest of world? Do we not deserve the same level of quality as those whom we export for? And then finally comes the price factor, if you want ‘export quality’, whatever that may mean, you must be prepared to pay Diaspora or ferenji prices.

So how can ‘Made in Ethiopia’ really make a difference to both the local economy as well as those who choose to buy that way? Well two young sisters will show you how. In the heart of Addis Ababa’s vibrant and trendy quarters, Piassa, sisters Elsa and Eyerusalem have been mulling over the idea of ‘Made in Ethiopia’ for the local market for past five years. Growing up watching both of their parents taking an idea into a fully functioning and thriving business, they both strongly believe that they have been blessed with the notion that anything is possible as long as you work hard for it.

So after researching, talking, thinking, reading, looking, touching and you can imagine the rest, on the 21st May this year they will be launching their first shop to the general public. With the motto of “Local, Quality & Community” they stock and bring to the market quality shoes, wallets and bags for men and women, all locally produced without prices that would break your bank.

They have planned an eventful day where shoppers with normal sized wallets can be introduced to ‘you don’t have to be rich to shop here’ idea (forgive the pun). Additionally, the evening, starting at 6pm, promises to be a glamorous affair where they have teamed up with Africology to bring all comers delightful African centred sounds to accompany them on their shopping journey. With the aim of building innovative avenues for African entertainers, products and ideas to promote a new positive image of Africa and the African Diaspora, the New York based team have recently returned to Ethiopia to expand their reach.  

As you would expect, the two sisters are passionate about their products and their community and have also partnered with a local community organisation, Artists for Charity, to make sure that the profits from their shop actually also supports the work of other Made in Ethiopia focussed community institutions.


For more information please contact: 


Ms Eyerusalem Hadera





Aritist for Charity (AFC)

Ms Dagmawit Dinku






Kalab Berhane /Sirak Getachew





21 May 2016 at 6:00pm - 22 May 2016 at 3:00am
Piazza, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Price: FREE
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