How much do you know about violence against women?

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015


A lot of Ethiopians were horrified to hear the death of 16 year old Hanna Lalonogo who died as a result of injuries she sustained after being gang raped by six men in Addis Ababa.

Hanna Lalonogo was travailing with 5 other men in a minibus taxi on her way back home from school. When Hanna reached her destination she tried to inform the driver to stop the taxi so that she could get out, however her calls were ignored. One of the passengers then pulled out a knife and forced Hanna to be quiet. Realising she is in danger Hanna decided to comply with the men.

Hanna was taken to one of the suspect’s home, where she was raped repeatedly by all the kidnappers over a period of five days.

After the 5th day Hanna convinced one of her captors to allow her to call a friend to inform her that she is well, however before Hanna could tell the friend of her location the phone was disconnected.

The friend notified Hanna’s family of the conversation she had with Hanna and handed over the number she called from; at this point Hanna’s family got the police involved.

Police were able to reach one of the kidnappers on the same number Hanna called from. The driver of the taxi agreed to meet the police initially to show them where Hanna was being held; he later had a change of heart and decided to call off the meeting. Nevertheless police were able to track down and arrest driver and two other suspects.

Fearing they will be caught the other 3 kidnappers dumped Hanna in a public street where she was discovered by members of the public and was taken to Zewditu hospital.

Brave Hanna was able to identify three of the men from her hospital bed, while receiving treatment for her injuries.

Sadly Hanna’s injuries were so severe doctors were not able to save her and she died as a result of her wounds.

There should be no excuse for rape and violence against women.  Hanna was only 16 years old and had her whole future ahead of her, but her life was cut short by a six men who acted on lust.


What changes do we need to make stop gender based violence?

It should start from school. Education is the most effective way to eradicate any and all social problems. Children of all ages should be made aware to be against all versions of aggression, not just rape.

There should also be a strict law system in place that should deter anyone from this monstrous crime.


Let’s stand together for Hanna. Join the #JusticeForHanna social media campaign to raise awareness of gender based violence.  

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