The Yellow Movement Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Posted: Feb, 11th 2019 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,

Help the Yellow Movement to raise $1,000 goal by 14 February 2019 by donating what you can.

The Yellow Movement Valentine's Day fundraiser first took place in 2013 with 500 flowers donation and the movement raised 4000 Ethiopian Birr by selling the flowers at Addis Ababa University-Main Campus. The following year, we added one more location and took our fundraiser to the streets of 4kilo. That year, we were able to raise 42,000 Ethiopian Birr.

In February of 2015, we expanded even more; by delivering large bouquets to businesses and persons who made larger donations. That year we were able to raise 107,000 Ethiopian Birr and were able to launch 'The Yellow Movement Scholarship Fund'. In 2016, with the support of Global Shapers Addis and U.S. Embassy, we expanded to over six locations and with dozens of more deliveries, we were able to raise 168,000 Ethiopian Birr. In 2017, in collaboration with International Organizations such as the UNECA and four of the largest embassies in Addis who gave us access to on-campus sales, we were able to raise a total of 302,000 Ethiopian Birr on Valentine’s Day.

On top of the money raised from direct flower sales and thanks to supporters of the YM in the diaspora, YM raised 100,000 ETB for a female PhD candidate at Addis Ababa University to help her complete her studies. The doctoral candidate also received a laptop and voice recorder for her field research in addition to the funds. The following year, YM raised 216,000 ETB through its #BeMyYellowValentine2018 fundraiser. 

The scholarship fund is different from the simple fundraiser we have been doing in the fact that it pre-selects students and provides continuous support throughout the year. It provides 200 Ethiopian Birr per month to each student for 10 months amounting to 2000 ETB per student. Past contributions are currently supporting over 150 students in Addis Ababa University and we are aiming to increase the number this year by possibly exceeding 170 students. 

For any inquiries please contact the Yellow Movement AAU team via Facebook or call us at +251 90 0 30 62 11

Support the Yellow Movement GoFund Me to raise $1,000 goal by 14 February 2019 by donating what you can. Or if you are in Addis on Valentine's day support the fundraiser day here.

N.B. For the purpose of intact accountability, once the funds are raised, the money will be transferred to the Gender Office of the Addis Ababa University and a corresponding receipt/ letter will be issued by the same office.

Contact: +251 90 0 30 62 11
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