Ginbot-20 Commemorated in London

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015


Yesterday afternoon (Thursday 5th June 2014) saw Ethiopians, development partners and friends of Ethiopia converged at the Ethiopian Embassy in London to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Ginbot-20 (May 28), which marks the overthrow of the dictatorial and repressive Dergue military regime in Ethiopia.

In a speech at the event, H.E. Berhanu Kebede, Ethiopian Ambassador to the UK, said the new government took no time in mapping out plans setting its priorities and identifying poverty as a formidable enemy that should be addressed immediately, to reverse the downslide of the economy, which badly needed an overhaul. 

The Government of Ethiopia, he noted, set in motion propoor policies to pull the national economy out of the doldrums, has modernized agriculture and industry, expanded educational and health facilities, created an environment conducive to peace and stability and put in place a new democratic order. Comprehensive development plans, drawn up to tackle the root causes of deprivation, have reduced deep-seated misery and abject poverty. Ethiopian agriculture-led industrialization has triggered improvements in farming techniques and the use of fertilizers and improved seeds, leading to consecutive bumper harvests.

With Ethiopia becoming food secure at the national level, bringing its annual crop production to over 250 million quintals. As well as companies like Unilever, Tesco, Diageo, Nyota Minerals, SouthWest, Pittards and many more now operating in Ethiopia. The long-standing and amicable bilateral relationship with the UK is gaining momentum and cooperation on issues of common interest have reached a new high with the exchange of visits at the highest levels.

As a nation highly focussed on its transformation, Ethiopia has been undertaking mega projects including the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and other hydro-dams, which are expected to produce 10,000 MW of electricity by 2017. It is also engaged in the construction of ten sugar factories, 37 cement factories, about three thousand kms of rail network, 130,000 kms of roads, health and education facilities, as well as telecom and ICT facilities.

Video footage depicting the socio-economic transformation in Ethiopia was screened and a musical show by Dankira, an award winning musical group, staged as part of the entertainment programme at the event.

Present on the occasion were parliamentarians, government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, Ethiopians residing in the UK and invited guests.

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Source | London Ethiopian Embassy 


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