Ethiopian Association of Students & Youth in the UK (EASYUK) Career Fair

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015



Ethiopian Association of Students and Youth in the UK (EASYUK) will be holding their annual Career Fair, which aims to take Ethiopian Youths and Students one step closer to their chosen career.

The event will be taking place on Saturday 17th May from 12.00-17.00 at South Bank University for more information on event click here. 

The day is packed with guest and renowned speakers from the Ethiopian community and business world, which include;

Lemn Sissay (Poet, writer, broadcaster), Lula Kinnaid (Fashion Consultant), Yonas Ahmed (Radiology Manager), Dr Amare Desta (Senior IT Lecture), Netsanet Solomon (Compliance officer), Milky Tefra Asefa (Speech Recognition Research Engineer), Adey Negash (Teacher), Robel Asfaw (Barclay Banks Manager), Meron Efrem (Civil Engineer), Bekele Debele (Community Organiser, Citizen UK), Eleni Megiso (Author, published aged 11), Melaku Zenebe (Freelance Video Producer), Sophia Russom (Financial Controller, Media Sector).

Speaking with Mahlet Mairegu one of the founding organisors she states;

“Although we have conducted a similar event in the past, the idea of doing it again came from a stakeholders meeting held in January 2013. With the job market forced to change drastically after the global economic crisis of 2008, we all have had to re-think our career paths. Thus learning form those who have achieved their career goals can help us guide our plans for the future in view of the recent changes in the job market”

She goes on the explain why such events like these are important to the Ethiopian Community in London particular for young students and youths;

“More importantly as a community we do not have a space to see and engage Ethiopians who have achieved their career goals in a variety of sectors. And thus we strongly believe that it is by meeting and hearing from someone from a similar background that have achieve a chosen career that we can start breeding a can do attitude for our whole community in general and for the next generation in particular.”

Activities on the day will include:

• Get ideas on how to best present your CV

• Sharpen your interview skills

• Get an insight into graduate schemes

• Get an insight into PhD programmes

• Entrepreneurship workshop

• And most importantly

To Register for EASYUK Career Fair, click here



To Register for EASYUK Career Fair, click here


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