Will You Be Wearing ‘Orange Lips’ This Spring?

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015 Contributor: Divine Noeli,

We can’t even express how excited we are for the emergence of this year’s spring summer colour trend ‘orange’. This most-talked-about colour has seeped through many of the SS14 catwalks and is now re-entering its way into the world of beauty for everybody to try. Ruby woo step aside. We love you but it is time to have some more fun with our lipstick colours this spring.

For a lip colour that was never really worn with, hmm how do we put this – conviction, make-up artists are paring these looks with warm neutral browns, extremely subtle bronze metallic eye shadow shades and simplistic eye liner looks. Do tell us, will you be rocking this particular bold lip this spring? And if so how will you be wearing it?





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