Real Life Stories - Worknesh Fetene

Posted: Apr, 6th 2015

Everyone has a story to tell! But not every story is interesting. Here at Ethio Beauty we aim to bring you the stories that need to be heard. You might have experienced a life-changing event, beaten an illness, blossomed after divorce, found love or lost it and you want to share it with the world contact us and it could be your story in the next issue of Ethio Beauty. Maybe reading the story of Worknesh Fetene in our first issue have made you think that could be my story people reading, than contact us on

Here is part of Worknesh Fetene’s story you can find the full story in copies of issue 1 of Ethio-Beauty.. “My children... don’t let my children get eaten by the hyenas of the night, don’t let them astray, promise me. Promise me you won’t let that happen.” This is the resounding voice in my head whenever I look into my grand children’s eyes. Did this really happen, I ask myself?..” Full story in Ethio Beauty first issue of the Magazine (page 26)…
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