Know Something About Africa?

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015

Africa is the second largest continent and the second most popular in the world after Asia. According to a report released in 2009, it has around 1 billion people and accounts for 14.72 of the world's human population. It covers 6% of the Earths total surface area and 20. 4% of the total land area. As a whole, the continent covers 30.2 million km2 including the surrounding islands. The continent is the best to explore untainted human traditions and wild life. 

Africa is divided into regions: North, East, Central, Western and South Africa. The Eastern region is the best to learn more on the origin of humans and the Hominidae clade or great apes. No wonder the continent is regarded as the cradle of mankind. The earliest hominids together with their ancestors were discovered on this part and are believed to be dated more than 7 million years ago. They include Homo habilis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens. The earliest modern man – Homo sapiens was discovered in Ethiopia and is thought to have lived 200, 000 years ago.

Africa has a very good climate that ranges from tropical to sub arctic in mountainous areas. Half of the northern part is primarily arid or desert while the central and southern parts are both savanna plains and have very dense jungles that receive a lot of rains. Africa has the best fauna in the whole world that range from wild animals that include carnivores like lions and cheetahs and herbivores like elephants, buffalos and giraffes. It's also home to aquatic life such as crocodiles and hippos and other jungle animals like snakes more so the pythons.

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