Ethiopia Number One Country To Visit in 2014 - Rough Guides

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015

What an honor it was to see Ethiopia named as Rough Guides’ number one country to visit in 2014. Beating countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Japan and Madagascar, which are all very popular with international travelers.

Though not a great surprise to many Ethiopians who have always know the beauty and richness of the country.

“This culturally rich East African nation has always been an enticing destination, and though it remains poor, independent travel around the country is becoming easier thanks to a boom in small hotels and restaurants. Take your pick of spellbinding attractions: untouched national parks, the ancient cities of Axum, Harar and Lalibela, the world’s first coffee plantations, the largest cave in Africa at Sof Omar and the continent’s largest concentration of UNESCO sites.” Rouge Guides


Image of Lalibela

Ethiopia boasts a land of history and culture with historical landmarks in the nort and tribes in the south of Ethiopia. 

Another African country to get listed is Rwanda coming in sixth place. Rwanda is mostly remembered for the genocide witnessed some 20 years ago. Hopefully many will come to know it for it's mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, rainforests of Nyungwe National Park and wildlife of Akagera National Park. Just some of the many beautiful things to see in Rwanda.

If you haven't been to Ethiopia or other parts of Africa yet, then maybe it is a destination to consider for 2014. To find out more about Rough Guide’s top 10 countries for 2014, click here.


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Photos courtesy of Rough Guides Facebook Page

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