Issue 2 - Africa Awareness

Posted: Apr, 6th 2015 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,


It is amazing and beautiful to see the nations come together to build and support Africa in many aspects. This is the legacy that we will pass onto the next generation, as Sam Cooke said “A Change Is Gonna Come” and that change is happening right now. This issue is all about creating the “Africa Awareness”, how this continent is excelling and progressing in many aspects such as education, fashion and economy. Each and individual countries have contributed to this wave of growth and development.

It’s not only government’s responsibility for development, but it is our individual effort that matters to bring positive changes. I am proud to present this 2nd issue of the magazine that you are holding in your hands, which contains fashion, which has stunned London with the African flavour.

Our responsibility is to advocate the unity, collaboration and serenity of this beautiful continent of Africa and we hope it is well received by you. I know you will enjoy the inspiring, uplifting and satisfying contents and photos within this issue of the magazine.

Hope you will share the vision of the magazine with your loved ones.

Bernie Yoseph, Editor in Chief.




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