Issue 1 - Revealing Ethiopia's Beauty

Posted: Apr, 6th 2015


Ethiopia is one of the greatest countries from ancient times to this day. Our hospitality and beautiful character has always been the first impression acknowledged amongst many nations. Ethio Beauty’s vision has always been to tell the untold history and inheritance of Ethiopia and general Africa. We will explore and promote this beautiful land through its history, culture, fashion, food, music, language and art. We do this in order to educate and entertain our readers.

Our aim is to uncover the hidden beauty and the unknown legacy of Africa’s diverse tribes by putting their lifestyle, history and cultural inheritance on display. As we feature different people from around the world, we write their amazing real life and success stories. In some sections of the magazine, there will be sad, happy and joyful moments.

We think this will encourage, educate and show you how the force of life is driving Ethiopians and African people. We will explore the nature of Africa and raise awareness about its significant contribution in the history of the world’s civilization. Ethiopia has been mentioned several times in the bible, the most read book of life, from Genesis 2:13 right through the end; highlighting its rich history. According to archeological evidence found in the Afar region, it is evident that Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity; the beginning of life on earth.

Africa is a rich, self sufficient and blessed land with people known for their love and devotion to God. Therefore we would like to motivate and encourage our community without separating the nations by tribes, language and culture. Our diversity should not separate us rather showcase our uniqueness and beauty in total unity and harmony. By exposing these unique elements to the world, we aim to bring attraction and tourism into this wonderful continent that is a motherland for all nations of the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to give our special thanks to all who participated in making this magazine a success. As a way of showing our gratitude to our readers, a sneak peak of the 1st issue will be available online at We hope you enjoy Ethio Beauty and share it with your loved ones.

Bernie Yoseph, Editor in Chief.





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