Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,


"Don't hide, there's something wrong with everybody. Nobody's 100% perfect." states Cheri Lindsay, a young Black American women who makes a powerful confession on camera.

Cheri Lindsay, suffers from vitiligo a skin pigment disorder. In this moving video she talks about her condition and how she has dealt with it.

The video does put some of my beauty imperfections into prospective, and maybe some times it's these differences that makes us unique and special.



The video was part of make up brand Dermablend Professional's Camo Confession campaign used by Dermablend to stand out for who she is and not for her vitiligo.

More Dermablend Professional's Camo Confession here


I think I may have to test some of these products out. Have any of you used Dermablend Professional products before, let us know?


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