Hub of Africa Fashion Week

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,

The Hub of Africa Fashion Week, Origin Africa Trade Show, International business and Innovation Symposiums was held in Addis Ababa. The Fashion show showcased designers from all over Africa such as Chika Couture (Nigeria), Mataano (Somalia), Alpha Rose (Zimbabwe), Mafi (Ethiopia), Yefikir Design (Ethiopia), Ras Africa (Ethiopia), Urban Roots Eco CoutureMela (Ethiopia) Eskado Bird (Tanzania), Modahnik (Congo Designer) Sole Rebel (Ethiopian Designer), Kiko Romeo (Kenya) plus many more.

Check out some of the collections. 


Mafi by Mahlet Afework (Ethiopian Designer)

suite 415 suite 421 suite 445

Ayni's Design by Ayni Ayele (Ethiopian Designer)

suite 1147 suite 1187 suite 1201

Wambui Mukenyi by Wambui Mukenyi (Kenyan Designer)

hub fashion d 1 3091 hub fashion d 1 3110 hub fashion d 1 3130

Yefikir Design by Fikirte Addisu (Ethiopian Designer)

hub fash d 2 242 hub fash d 2 253 hub fash d 2 305

Solome by Solome Katongole (Ugandan Designer)

suite 1305 suite 1309 suite 1316

Mela by Hirut Guksa (Ethiopian Designer)

mela 12 mela 11 mela 10



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