A poem to Ethiopia

Posted: Oct, 24th 2015 Contributor: Magdalene Abraha,


Awake; awake the graceful heart of the horn

The genesis of Hiwot where Sheba's soldiers are born

As the Buna bubbles in the Jebana's of warm homes

I remain conflicted, psychologically torn

My heart entrenched in the vibrant streets of Addis

though my eyes are not exposed to such stunning sights

nevertheless I hold dear the strength that carved Lalibela

and the passion that inspired the Axumites


watch..watch as the Nile massages her inner soul

Abay river gracefully dancing with every gush and every roll


Many have attempted to restrain your spirit

Yet you stand and sing your song- and they shall hear it

Still you rise, your rhythm progressive and strong

This beautiful new flower, your pollen reins long

Oh how I crave your 13months of sunshine

And I cannot wait for your greatness to align

Tell me, how does your stamina remain without demise,

with no tremble in your lips or pain in your eyes?


Cradle of life, I hear you as praise the most high,

A blessed land- you shall indeed rise!

Tags: #Ethiopia
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