Passion For Motherland fashion showcase

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015

Lisette Mibo presents the 2nd annual Passion For Motherland fashion showcase. The award winning Congolese model returns to show us just why she is passionate about her motherland. Here’s what she had to say about the event “The event is used as an instrument awareness of concerning global issues not only in the Congo but in my Africa” to not only bring together and showcase an electric mixture of live music, fashion and poetry. 

The event took place Friday 22nd August 2014, at the renowned Cre-8 Lifestyle Centre in London. Fashion designers from different backgrounds and cultures gathered to present their diverse collections along with popular musicians and poets. This year Passion for Motherland chose to raise money and awareness for chosen charity “Menelik Education.” The charity aims to amplify the voices of children (young girls in particular ) and relieve them from the realities of war, rape and lack of education in the Congo. For more information visit


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Guests witnessed a variety of acts take to the stage including the UK Afrobeats sensation Ezi Emela and the eccentric South African house artist Siza who captivated the audience along with her African drummer.

Some acts even got compared to Beyonce which was the case for LDNC where the current Miss Congo described their electric performance as “Like Beyonce at the Super Bowl…LDNC blew out the power.”

Turning to the main reason of the event, spoken word artists Mell and JJ Bola spoke poetically about the devastating situation happening in the Motherland. As both artists performed their poems the audience was gripped in silence for the most part as they shared their knowledge of the pain and injustice the people of Congo are still experiencing.

There’s no doubt that this year Passion For Motherland was bigger and better. Successfully bringing together different industryprofessionals for a common cause, the showcase was highly entertaining without losing the importance of the message they tried to spread.

Eddie Kadi, award winning Congolese Comedian, - “a massive well done to Lisette Mibo, you and your team last night!! I was entertained and educated at the same time! God bless DRC!!”

Bernie Yoseph, Editor in Chief, Ethio Beauty Magazine- “We really enjoyed the collective mix of talented individuals coming to support a great charity. I believe this organisation is making a huge different to the whole Africa especially to Congo.”

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