Ephrem Solomon: Forbidden Fruit, 2015 At ART15

Posted: Jun, 2nd 2015 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,

Ephrem Solomon: Forbidden Fruit, 2015 At ART15

It was great to catch some new work from Ethiopian artist Ephrem Solomon at ART15, at the Kenyan Gallery Circle Agency stand.

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By the time I got there on Sunday only a few gem pieces were left many having already been sold. To view more from the range click here. I love Ephrem Solomon mixed medium work sometimes you forget his work is created from carved woodwork. The Forbidden Fruit Series explores and celebrates the importance of living in the moment. The figures looking to the left are focusing on the past, those looking to the right are focusing on the future. And those looing forward are focusing on the present. These pieces are untitled with the hope offering limitless readings. 


Contact: info@circleartagency.com
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