Manny Sidhu

Manny Sidhu is the PR/Marketing of Ethio Beauty Magazine.

Okey, If you were ever to travel somewhere and don't know where to go or even if you don't know where to book your next holiday, Manny should be the first on your list to contact. Her love for travel has taken Manny half way accross the globe and back.

Manny is very talented and well educated when it comes to PR and Marketing. Manny's, indepth knowledge of marketing has earned her the name "The Exotic Brain"


What would your superpower be?

"When I was a child I woud have said She-Ra: Princess of Power but now, it's Super-girl."


When Manny is not at the office planning marketing strategies and helping out editorial, you are most likely to find her at her local Yoga Studio or Martial art class.

Providing her martial art skills, If you want to be on her good side, here is her cryptonite: "Chocolate"


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