Dawit Tibebu

Ethio Beauty Magazine Writer.

Dawit Tibebu is one of our multi-talented regular writers to Ethio Beauty Magazines Ethiopian culture, travel and lifestyle articles.

Dawit has the same ethos as Ethio Beauty Ltd, his work is geared towards promoting Ethiopia through the media, available resources and events to enable the native Ethiopian and the rest of the world to learn more about Ethiopia. He is currently working on a book based on his travels to showcase the best of Ethiopia’s lands where astonishing treasures, history and culture are located.

Dawit Tibebu is a resident in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a B.A. Degree in Foreign Language and Literature from Hawassa University, his work focuses on journalism, travel writing, photography and graphic design.

Dawit joined Ethio Beauty while still at University and he has since gone on to start up his own business; One Love Pictures, an advertising firm located in Hawassa which he successfully ran for over a year. Now currently located back in Addis, Dawit is a regular contributor to leading Ethiopian publications, media and communication companies.



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