Source Africa 2014

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,


Source Africa will take place for the second time in Cape Town in June 2014. The most important pan-African textile, apparel and footwear trade event on the international calendar encouraging linkages between buyers, manufacturers and suppliers, investment into manufacturing capacity in Africa and accelerating job creation for many years to come. 


The event was designed to show that African textile, apparel and footwear manufacturers can compete on price, quality and standards. It brings together manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in one major integrated event, enabling African and International buyers to examine a wide array of products and services in one efficient trip

Source Africa includes two days of exhibition, business-to-business matchmaking program, business seminars, and plenty of opportunities for networking for those in the textile trade industry. Over 180 exhibitors will be showcasing their brands.
In recent years we have seen big brands from USA and UK look to africa as an alternative to places like India for fashion manufacturing. So events like this will only improve and add to this continued growth.
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For details of the event click here
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