Mélat continues to impress with her 5th new song We Don't Have To [Feat. SPZRKT Prod. by ELHAE]

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015 Contributor: Bernie Yoseph,


We Don't Have To
Prod. by ELHAE]


Melat, We Don't Have To


Last year Melat introduced the 'Side B' series, 4 loosely connected songs meant to broaden the picture of her artistic vision. This year the Austin songstress continues the Side B series with the fifth song to be released entitled ‘We Don’t Have To.’ Featuring SPZRKT and produced by ELHAE, Mélat's intent was to reinvigorate the classic duet style in a modern way. 

This song is dedicated to the non-abusive marriages and relationships. The relationships that are resilient enough to fight through any storm without becoming destructive.
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