Hub of Africa Fashion Week Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015 Contributors: Mekbib Tadesse Admasu, Jerry Hadera,

Hub Fashion Week Africa; Linking Fashion and Industry


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In what seems to be an exciting new era for Africa with endless possibilities, The Hub stands as one of the pioneers of change. Starting the journey in 2010 this event marked the third edition. A humble beginning with a great vision; the three day event has managed to make impact in bringing together media, designers, fashion and industry. The Editorial edition certainly living up to its name has been able to mobilize buyers from Germany FA254 and various editors from Vogue Italia, Style Cartel, Coolhunting, Departures, Travel and Leisure, New York Magazine, Ethio Beauty Magazine,,, Food Republic,  BBC, GrandLife Hotels, Fashion One, Fashion TV, Pana TV, EBS and more. The event has created a platform for designers along with the newly emerging textile and apparel industry in Africa. It has grown into a key player in the shifting trend of sourcing and production to Africa.

Addis Ababa, the diplomatic capital of the continent was surely turned into the fashion capital during the three day event. Galani Coffee and Gallery, the venue of the catwalk fashion show, was simultaneously contemporary and cultured to fit the general theme of the event. The two floor runway made a unique venue for one-of-a-kind collections of the African Designers. The first day featured labels Kepha Maina from Kenya, Yohannes Sisters from Ethiopia, Rooi from Nigeria, Katungulu Mwendwa from Kenya, and Abugida from Ethiopia. These designers put on an exquisite show with designs ranging from casual chick by Kepha Maina to elegant couture by Yohanness Sister’s Couture.  The labels Modahnik from The DRC, Mataano from Somalia, and Rauld Rheeder from South Africa worked the runway on the second day of the Fashion Week. The first two days brought big names in the fashion industry head to head with up and comers creating the opportunity to learn from each other.

The last day of The Hub Fashion Week Africa hosted at The Monarch Hotel in Addis Ababa showcased three designs from each collection. In a beautiful setting around the swimming pool, key editors, buyers, and industry influencers gathered to admire the stunning pieces and discuss future prospects.  In what seemed like a series of events coming to a stunning culmination, the last day marked a fruitful ending to months of hard work. Like a puppet master pulling all the string the organizers just had to sit and watch as their plans fall into place. Deals were made, partnerships were forged and most importantly influencers were influenced.  The stunning venue in Addis saw the beginning of the future of The Fashion and Apparel industry in Africa.


Photography: Mekbib Tadesse


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