Exclusive interview with Jacky Gosee

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015
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We caught up with Ethiopian muscian Jacky Gosee for an exclusive interviewduring his first London concert. The Refreshing voice of Jacky Gosee seems to have captured the attention of Ethiopians in the Western world. He has a unique ability to give the traditional music we are accustomed to an essence of modernism; this is what apeals to many Ethiopians living in different parts of the world.

Since his first appearance to the music world, Jacky has travelled the world, staging his talent to the adoring fans. His humble and down-toearth personality and continous effort to satisfy the crowd is highly praised and admired by many. The night of his much anticipated concert in London we caught up with Jacky to learn more about the man and the music. Issue 1 read more...


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