Ethio Beauty Magazine Issue 3 out now

Posted: Apr, 7th 2015


It’s been a busy month for the Ethio Beauty team. As many of our readers are already aware Ethio Beauty UK has been working hard to develop and now officially launch of the digital edition of the magazine. Never again will you have to wait to receive your latest copy in the post or find it at your local newsagent, because as of this week you can now catch up on all the latest trends and articles by simply downloading the Ethio Beauty app FREE of charge directly on your apple iPhone or tablet.

The app will soon be available on android devices as well, so watch this space.

Experience Ethio Beauty Magazine on the iPad or the iPhone like never before. Ethio Beauty magazine is complete with audio, music, video and many engaging and interactive features for a more enhanced read. 

All Issues within the magazine are completely free.

Simply download the app and enjoy Ethio Beauty like you’ve never experienced it before.


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