Abyssinia EP By Teamir

Posted: Aug, 14th 2018 Contributor: Bilen Shifferaw,

Te'Amir Sweeney explores his Ethiopian heritage with the five-track Abyssinia EP. Highlighting five new tracks of beat driven, rootsy and soulful explorations, this EP is inspired by Te’Amir’s Ethiopian heritage and features the psychedelic vocals of Dustin Warren, strings from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, harp lines from virtuoso Rebekah RaffRandal Fisher on saxophone and more of L.A.’s finest creatives.

Track Listing:

  1. Habesha
  2. The Quest (ft. Dustin Warren)
  3. All That You Need (ft. Dustin Warren)
  4. Randal in Addis
  5. Afrika


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